"Where Is Kate Middleton?" An Original Song

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Dedicated to Kate Middleton. Where you at?

I'd be completely honored to make even one sale.

I've been writing weird relevant/irrelevant songs since I was kid, now I'm a web designer/developer who just loves a good conspiracy and cup of tea (even though I'm a yank from across the pond).

Anyways, enjoy!


Spent my day
On a search for a princess
Does she know
That we know too much?
Just blink twice
If you're under
Such distress and
Lost within the
Castle of your life

Gone for 11 weeks
Are you playing hide and seek?
Were the kingdom
And the crown
Just not enough?
Are you practicing your photoshop
Attaching different body parts
To apply to be an editor at Vogue?

Kate, where did you go?

I find it hard to believe
That all those letters say Chumley Chumbly Chumolondly Cholmondeley

Such mysterious things
Just remember blink twice
We'll follow you down the rabbit hole, again

I'm all calling you Middleton like we're old friends from high school
Let me know where you've been

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"Where Is Kate Middleton?" An Original Song

0 ratings
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